215/55R17 Michelin X-ICE XI3 GREEN X (DIR) 94T XL BSW (Copy)

  1. A combination of 4 key features improves MICHELIN® X-Ice® Xi3™ overall winter performance even in some of the harshest winter conditions.
  2. Increased number of tread blocks provides 15% more biting edge and improves performance on ice and in snow.
  3. Micropumps absorb water from the surface and evacuate it by centrifugal force for improved tread contact with the road surface.
  1. Cross Z Sipes™. Sipes are tridimensional to improve rigidity , enable stable handling and improve traction on ice and in snow.
  2. The Flex-Ice™ compound. This full-silica compound maintains flexibility at lower temperatures, improving performance on ice and in snow. It also maintains firmness at moderate temperatures, improving wear and grip.

Product Description

Michelin X-ICE XI3 GREEN X 95T XL BSW -BB- The MICHELIN® X-ICE® Xi3 tire provides winter performance that lasts for 60,000 kilometres 1 with Michelin MaxTouch Construction which features a unique contact patch shape—maximizing even and longer tread life.


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