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BMW 17 Inch Continental Winter Wheel and tire package for 228i series

$ 2,250.00 $ 1,516.00 HST

Improved stopping on snow. A high number of blocks in the shoulder area with more gripping edges guarantee that this tire will cut into snow more effectively, creating optimal grip in wintry conditions. The result: better stopping performance on snow.

Outstanding braking performance on icy and wet roads. A high block rigidity in the tread pattern centre coupled with a high number of sipes lead to enhanced braking performance on icy and wet roads.

Optimized for driving safety systems. Designed to work in harmony with electronic stability control (ESC) systems. ESC selectively controls a braking intervention on one wheel to stabilize the vehicle. The unique tread design ensures the braking effect of the tire and consequently the ESC effect is optimized.

Product Description

4 -205/50R17 Continental WINTERCONTACT SI 93H XL BSW

4-( Option 1 ) Wheels BERLIN, 17×8, 5×120, 35P, C72, MB

4- ( Option 2 ) Wheels KLEVE, 17X8, 5-120, 35P, 72.6, BLKM

4- ( Option 3 ) BER, 17X8, 5-120, 40P, 72.6, SIL

4- ( Option 4 ) GRAZ, 17X8, 5-120, 35P, C72.6, BLK
Compatible with run-flat tires


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