berlin_bmw-wheelsbergen_silver_rtxoeBMW WINTER WHEELSkleve_blm_500x500Pirelli winter package for BMW 1 SERIES

BMW 17 Inch Pirelli Winter Wheel and tire package for 1 series

$ 1,823.00 $ 1,623.00 HST

Maximum Traction Directional tread pattern design enhances grip on all surfaces.

Excellent Snow Grip Wide and squared footprint to increase contact area and ensure high grip level especially in the most severe icy conditions.

Enhanced Ice Grip The new 3D butterfly sipe technology keeps tread blocks stable and maintains general stability for the vehicle even at high speeds.

Wet and Dry Stability Increased footprint and improved regular pressure distribution allows better traction and braking safety. Specific sipes that quickly clean the surface from the water film generated by the ice under the tire.

Excellent Grip in All Road Conditions The highly engineered tread design and specific tire structure is the perfect example of Pirelli’s technology; that is constantly on the brink of discovering new technical elements that provides optimum security and handling for drivers.

Product Description

4 -225/45R17  Pirelli WINTER ICE ZERO FR 94H XL BSW

4-( Option 1 ) Wheels BERLIN, 17×8, 5×120, 35P, C72, MB

4- ( Option 2 ) Wheels KLEVE, 17X8, 5-120, 35P, 72.6, BLKM

4- ( Option 3 ) BER, 17X8, 5-120, 40P, 72.6, SIL

4- ( Option 4 ) GRAZ, 17X8, 5-120, 35P, C72.6, BLK
Compatible with run-flat tires


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