Tire Services

Tire Services

GTA Tire  is one of the leading tire dealers and tire repair shops serving the tire needs of customers in service areas including Toronto, North York and the GTA. All tire service including fittings, repairs and balancing services are done by highly trained tire and auto experts. Whether you drive a car, truck, van or SUV, our tire services will have your tires working at their best.

At GTA Tires, we service a variety of makes and models of cars or trucks. Our first-class service standards show that our tire technicians always have the best interests of our customers in mind. Our tire repair shop has a lasting reputation as it carries out quality repairs. Visit us today to get the best tire repair services.

GTA Tire has new or used set of tires from the best tire brands in the industry.

Why you need Tire Services:

When rust and other debris appears on your wheels defects can be hidden putting your family at risk. GTA Tire  will refinish and polish your tires.  Our services are will save you money and keep you on the roads safely.

What we do:

  • Tire installation: Tire tread will wear out with normal driving. Other factors such as driving habits and weather may shorten the life of your tires. When you need new tires installed, GTA Tire and Auto in Toronto is the place to go.
  • Wheel alignments: Even small alignment issues can cause tire wear. Proper wheel alignment will increase the life of your tires and save you fuel and money.
  • Tire balancing: Tires have natural wear. That wear may not be even depending on road problems and driving habits.   At GTA Tire and Auto, we balance your tires.
  • Flat tire repair: Some tire repairs can be fixed and re-inflated. GTA Tire will fix slow leaks and make sure they don’t become bigger problems.
  • Tire rotation: The weight of your car is not spread evenly. If you don’t rotate your tires, some will wear out faster than others. Our tire experts know how to rotate your tires to get the most out of them.

Tire Storage

Over the past 30 plus years Toronto Wheels powered by GTAtires.ca has made tire changes easy for hundreds of car owners and their families by storing tires. Storing tires with Toronto Wheels is the ultimate in convenience. Avoid the heavy, dirty task of moving around your tires and free up space in your house, apartment, condo, basement or garage. We offer tire storage as part of a bundle with your tire change or separately if you want just tires storage. Unlike many other tire shops and dealerships. We do not outsource storage of your tires. All tires are stored at our climate controlled service site with 24hr supervision and security. We offer 100% customer satisfaction and no hidden charges.

How it Works with Toronto Wheels storage service:
• First make an a appointment with our Toronto Wheels location
• Bring in your car or truck to our location
• Toronto Wheels professional wheel installer will remove your tires and rims and then clean them in preparation for summer or winter storage.We understand that rim cleaning is a critical part of the tire storage process.
• Your tires and rims are placed in a special tire bag; with a unique numbering system for tracking.
• Your tires and rims are stored inside of a protective tire bag at our secure, climate-controlled Distribution tire & rim Center, until you need them again the following season.
• Contact Toronto Wheels for the following season to set up an appointment to have your rims and tires installed at our Markham location!