Wheel Services

Wheel  Services (Rims)

GTA Tire and Auto is one of the leading rim dealers serving clients in Toronto and the GTA. All rim fittings and rim balancing services use quality rim equipment and are performed by highly skilled tire experts. Whether you drive a car, truck, mini-van, or SUV, our rim service will have your rims working at their best. At GTA Tire and Auto, we are able to service a variety of makes and models of cars and trucks. Our higher service standards show that our rim technicians always have the best interests of our customers in mind. Visit us if you’re looking for the best rim services or new or used rims from the best brands.

Why you should speak to our experts for your rim services:

  • We have access to special technology
  • We handle reverse mount wheels
  • We can insert bead breakers
  • We will use the proper amount of lubrication
  • We know how to balance the outside coning

What we do:

At GTA Tire and Auto, we will balance weights.  There are over a dozen different types of clips for the weights. Clip-on weights meant for alloy wheels are plastic coated to prevent a reaction between the two metals. Stick-on weights are used by most shops on alloy wheels. They do not damage the finish of the wheel. Knowing how many weights and where to mount them is key to keeping your rims balanced.

Balancing the tires on the inside with stick on weights is one method to use on alloy wheels. The wheel actually has a weight directly along the inside edge. Another weight is on the inside of the wheel as close as possible to the spokes of the wheel. When the weights are in place, there appear to be no weights on the outside of the wheel.

Experts at GTA Tire and Auto know how to balance your tires and rims and keep your family safe.  Come to GTA Tire and Auto in Toronto for all of your rim services.